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The Band's name Tango Pirates is a term invented by the New York establishment in the 1920s, for the early blues and jazz musicians, who were seen as a threat to the youth of the day, seducing them to the devil’s music, sex and drugs.

Tango Pirates is a Rockband, founded in London (UK) by Danny Fury
(Ex Lords Of The New Church / Vain / Sham 69 / Dogs D'amour etc.) in the spring of 2011.
Originally, it also featured Dave Tregunna (Sham 69 / Ex Lords Of The New Church / Cherry Bombz / etc.)
and Timo Kaltio (Peckham Cowboys / Izzy Stradlin (Guns'n'Roses) / Ex Hanoi Rocks / Arthur Kane (New York Dolls) etc.
Together, they made this Band a vehicle to continue the realness, attitude and vision Danny and Dave shared
with Stiv Bator (Ex Dead Boys) and Brian James (Ex The Damned) in The Lords Of The New Church.
After several line up changes, (due to the ways of the current Rock Scene) Danny remained as the only original member,
determined to continue hist quest for honest and from the heart rock music.
In Jack Flint, an excellent and likeminded guitarist, he found his ideal songwriting partner, signed in blood
and continued their mission of writing songs that reflect life in the fast lane with an honest account of their life experience.
After recording the bands acclaimed 3rd release "Danger! Children at play" and another line up or two, they took a break in 2017.
2018 saw them recording new songs and completing the band's line up again with
Save Blackjack on Bass and Marius Noskowiak on Drums.
Live Shows and new Songs, accompanied by Videos can be expected in the near future.

Tango Pirates News

Tango Pirates "This Boogie"

Tango Pirates "Dark Star"

  1. This Boogie Tango Pirates 1:36
  2. Monster In My DNA Tango Pirates 1:36
  3. Ghostship Bar Blues Tango Pirates 1:36
  4. Dark Side Tango Pirates 1:36
  5. No Rules Tango Pirates 1:36
  6. Long Live Rock'n'Roll Tango Pirates 1:36
  7. The Deed Is Done Tango Pirates 1:36
  8. Borrowed Time Tango Pirates 1:36
  9. Method To My Madness Tango Pirates 1:36
  10. Western Voodoo Mission Tango Pirates 1:36
  11. Dark Star Tango Pirates 1:36

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Previous Shows

SEP 10 The Unicorn – London (UK)

AUG 01 Roadtrip & The Workshop – London (UK)

JUL 29 Kanalrock – Oslo (Finland)

JUL 09 Borderline – London (UK)

JUN 28 Underbelly Hoxton – London (UK)

JUN 21 Stags Head Hoxton – London (UK)

MAY 17 Underbelly Hoxton – London (UK)

APR 05 The Fiddler's Elbow – London (UK)

MAR 04 The Gunners Pub and Venue – London (UK)

FEB 05 The Gunners Pub – London (UK)

FEB 04 Hope and Anchor – London (UK)

JAN 22 The Fiddlers Elbow – London (UK)

DEC 13 The UnderWorld – London (UK)

OCT 24 Electrowerkz – London (UK)

APR 08 The Fiddlers Elbow – London (UK)

DEC 07 Dublin Castle – London (UK)

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